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Our aim is to help eliminate hardship and starvation to save lives in peel region. Volunteering in food bank helped us to understand how important a little donation can make a difference to people’s need.


We simply connect to motivate others .The volunteer networking campaign outreach made it easier to reach Brampton local neighbourhood, friends, families, relations, schools, businesses, organisations, groceries stores to donate non-perishable food items and clothing . Its feels so good to get involve.

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It creates a great awareness for peoples need in the community The good citizens and neighbours are given the opportunity to get involved and joyful give donation generously. Good feeling of love and a special concern knowing you cares for others. It helps the youth volunteers to grow maturity in taking responsibilities and to appreciate God and their parents for the little they have. This program help to advertise charity help centres like food banks, shelters to families so that neighbours in need of support will have all information needed .The new immigrant and low-income earners survived daily through this source. Love is appreciated when it is given to those who needs it the most. Giving and sharing what you have to others is love. love is a gift from God. love is given sacrificially and unconditionally . It must remove something out from you. it must cost you something. The glorious women of wonders enjoy giving ,helping and saving lives . Caring and praying for others in need opens the eyes of a man to see the love of God in you. Together we work to reach everyone , Get involves ,Your donation is important to save lives We are taught by Example to do good. Matt, 9:35-37.