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Women Voice Global Community


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Helping new immigrant and refugee women families in the Community.


In 2004, my family and I landed as an immigrant into Canada.I was pregnant with my 4th child ,then after my delivery, my husband traveled back to my country to finally prepare to join us. For over a year I was alone here with the kids.

My life experience here was different from what I use to be when I was in my country.Learning a new lifestyle alone with 4 little kids was a big challenge to survive a day without a helper around me.

Thank God as a believer I found my place in a Church that embraces me and family with so much love.( RCCG KINGS COURT BRAMPTON) At this time, I decided to deepen my relationship with God.who became my only companion that I had my God and the Holy Spirit who supplies me with strength and grace in Jesus name.


Life after Church was the worse challenge for new immigrants, very lonely and bored for me . When getting home have no one to talk and chat. Only phone calls until another Church service day . I began to discover ways to learn to build myself spiritually and add value to live independently. God helped me with wisdom and knowledge so that today my experience will be a stepping stone to help others.Today my life is a success and full of great testimonies.


Over the years , a lot of immigrants and refugees families came from Africa ,it became my concern to look out for those women that were in my categories , I MEAN those women who landed and their husband left to make a living from their country also many were here with their spouses but going through a hard time in the marriage relationship . I toke it as a personal responsibility to follow up by finding their most need and the struggles they go through every day, whereby providing a possible solution ,support, and information to help them stand strong .

One of the things I encouraged is adding value and improvement to self in every area of lives and to help them build confidence to make an impact in their various homes. IT WORK’S! I started a women group where immigrant and refugees women are directed to build their faith in God . The most powerful weapon the Lord taught me to use in their lives and marriage was prayer and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. with my continues counselling and mentoring. it will surprise you that for the past 11years all community services is free with charge.God supplies me and family with all physical and spiritual blessings and also kept me and ministry strong for the heart of compassion for others.

The movement eventually led to this glorious organisation and the glory of God was seen in women and families lives in the GTA. The level of progression was amazing . These women began to discover their skills and enjoying the good benefits of the Community thereby growing a healthy happy family life in marriage relationship . Until now the mission of helping women, family , new immigrant and refugees is successfully moving gloriously great day by day.

Send us an email to contact for more details.Women’s Empowerment Workshop is another powerful program that we have started for the new immigrant ,refugee women,single mothers, nursing mums , homemakers . Just to remind that you are not alone. The ALMIGHTY God and the Glorious women of wonders care about you and family. we are here to helpYou !